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Badpak met Pijpjes

Swimsuit with Legs

Swimsuit with legs

Badpak met pijpjes


Swimsuits with legs are available for both training and competition. In this article, let's take a look at the differences between the legged swimsuits for competition and training.


Swim training A swimsuit with legs offers comfort. When wearing the right size, the right support is very noticeable. Freedom of movement of the arms remains optimal, while the rest of the body has a streamlined silhouette.

Swimsuits with legs are often worn by ladies who are looking for more comfort. You can swim in it for various swimming workouts, such as Fitness / trim swimming, auqa jogging and aqua fitness. But the swimsuit is also extremely suitable for training for triathlon, front crawl course and other swimming activities.

Look & Feel

The swimsuit with legs often has a classic look that never goes out of style. The iconic swimsuit often features wider straps on the shoulders and a high to closed back. For example, you can also choose a bathing suit with legs with adjustable shoulder straps. This way you can adjust the bathing suit to the desired fit.

Many swimsuits with legs have an inner bra. The inner tube provides extra support for the bust. With some bathing suits, the bra also has a padding or cup.

The exact length of the legs can differ per bathing suit. In some swimsuits, the legs have a silicone edge to prevent the leg from sliding.

The front of swimsuits with legs often has a medium-high neckline and an inner lining. The swimsuit makes you feel comfortable so you can swim your lanes or take fitness classes with confidence.


Many swimsuits with legs are made of 100% chlorine-resistant material. The bathing suits are available in different colors and sizes.

Tip: Swimwear expands a bit in the water, which can cause the fabric to slump. Make sure you choose the right size. Are you in doubt between 2 sizes? Always choose the smallest size. This applies to all swimwear.


wedstrijdbadpak met pijpjes

During competitions, people also swim in a bathing suit with legs. However, these are competition suits. Competition clothing, in this case bathing suits, is very tight and feels like a second skin.

The compression of competition suits ensures that you slide through the water, without water being able to be absorbed into the suit.< /p>

Competitive swimmers

Competition suits are worn by avid competitive swimmers in all classes. The competition suits can be divided into various types. For example, there are entry-level competition bathing suits. These models are less tight and offer more comfort. The knitted fabric is very strong and provides pleasant yet functional compression all over the body.

When purchasing a competition suit, it is necessary that you measure the requested measurements. This way you can decide which size to buy. Before purchasing an entry-level competition swimsuit such as an Arena St. 2.0 or a Speedo Fastskin LZR, it is not necessary but recommended to schedule a fitting appointment. This way you can be advised by our trained Racingsuit expert. This way you can be sure that you are purchasing the right size.

Sizing and fit

When you first see the bathing suit, it may seem that the bathing suit is too small. However, putting on such bathing suits takes an average of 5-10 minutes. The bathing suit should be tight and some effort is required to get the right size. Don't let this mislead you! When purchasing a (too) large(er) size, the suit loses its function: fitting as a second skin streamlined and eliminating water between body and fabric.

The more advanced competition swimsuits with legs require more time and attention when purchasing It is necessary to get measured by an expert to determine the right size and the right suit. Help is also required when putting on a competition suit.

Advanced Race Suits

The advanced suits each have their own qualities. There are competition swimsuits for sprints, short distances and long distances. The suits also distinguish themselves in various swimming strokes such as breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly.

In addition, there are competition suits with open and closed backs. The competition suits are marked with a FINA-Approved label. On average, it takes women about 20-30 minutes to put on a competition swimsuit, provided it is the right size.

The swimsuits are extremely small when put on with little stretch, but once the suit is on, it feels like a second skin and the discomfort you may experience while putting it on is gone.

The bathing suits are made of woven fabric and the welds are provided with various tapes. Various tapes have also been incorporated into the swimsuit to provide compression and support in the right places.

Advice and passing

Do you need help finding the right bathing suit with legs? Let our employees advise you. Start an online chat or visit the store in Amsterdam. For a competition suit you can make an appointment here via the website.

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